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Airhead Wide Body Combo Water Skis

Airhead Wide Body Combo Water Skis

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Combo Water Skis

Our Wide Body Combo Skis are perfect for skiers who want stability and support at all speeds. The fins are reinforced with fiberglass, which provides precise tracking with each twist and turn.

These 65" water skis feature an extra wide tip, which displaces more water to directly create a stronger foundation. The wide body style also makes for easy start-ups, so you don’t have to worry about lag—especially if you’re a timid or beginner water skier. They’re not just for novices, though. The same wide tip that boosts stability helps advanced skiers take bold, playful moves on the water, whether that’s mastering a water ski jump or cruising at high speeds.

These wide body water skis are perfect for newbies and experts, making them a great investment the entire family can enjoy. These water skis have dual density, slide-type adjustable bindings, which fit US sizes 5-12.


  • Adjustable bindings for comfort
  • Extra wide tip displaces water for easy start-ups and provides quick low effort turning
  • Wide tips are designed for jumping wakes
  • Durable injection molded construction
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