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Bauer X Youth Shin Guards

Bauer X Youth Shin Guards

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The 2021 Bauer X Youth Shin Guards were designed for the recreational or new-to-hockey player that is looking for something that doesn't have all the high end technologies but will have the comfort and protection needed for playing occassionally or out on pond. 

  • New injected shin cap
  • ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap for a deeper fit
  • MD foam in the knee wing
  • Integrated thigh protector with MD foam
  • Dual Anchor straps to keep shin guard in place

The Bauer X Youth Shin Guard has a newly injected shin cap and a new ErgoDynamic Lab kneecap giving you a deeper fit for better overall feel and optimal protection. Speaking of protection, Bauer uses MD foam in the knee wing and thigh protector, and a full coverage calf with a PE insert. 

For an attachment system, Bauer includes a dual anchor strap. This strap helps to secure the shin guard to your leg which ensures the protective features will stay in place, an important feature for every player. This strapping system also provides good comfort.

This youth shin guard is a great option for recreational or beginner players that don't need top end technologies but still get the protection and comfort needed at a much lower price point. 

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