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H.O. Sports / Hyperlite

Scout 1 Kayak

Scout 1 Kayak

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With its blend of a rugged lightweight design and functional features and accessories, the Scout iKayak from HO Sports is the perfect inflatable kayak for single or multi-day adventures. The Scouts high-performance design is bolstered by its ArmorShark reinforced side bladders, reinforced for added strength and rigidity. The Ultra-Reinforced Bow and Stern extend the kayaks life for even the most hard charging adventures. Its waterproof Skin protect from water absorption and speed up dry time. Its fully inflatable, making it super compact for simple storage and transport. The Scouts 3 inflation chambers make inflation/deflation a snap while the RIGID Drop-Stitch floor wont bend or fold like some inflatable kayaks. With 2 bungee storage zones and an open top design, you will have ample room for all your gear. The Scout comes with an Atlas adjustable 2-piece paddle, an ergonomic high-back seat with storage pocket and built-in fishing rod holders, a hand pump and backpack. Start your expedition with the Scout iKayak from HO Sports. 


  • 13' x 34” Open top design
  • Plenty of room for gear storage
  • ArmorShark Reinforced Side Bladders for added strength and rigidity
  • Ultra-Reinforced bow and stern
  • Waterproof Skin
  • Slick, waterproof outer skin makes for virtually no water absorption and quicker dry time
  • 3 inflation chambers
  • Easy to inflate/deflate for compact storage and transport
  • Rigid Drop-Stitch floor
  • Superior performance and portability
  • Welded Tarpaulin Base
  • Added durability and performance
  • Lever-lock Fin
  • Easy to use, no tools required. Provides great tracking
  • Front Skeg
  • Additional tracking assistance
  • Dual Double X Bungee Storage Zones
  • Lots of Bungee storage area in the front and back
  • 2 Adjustable, Ergonomic High-Back Seats
  • Equipped with a storage socket and 2 rod holders on each seat
  • 2 Paddle holders
  • one on each side of the kayak
  • 2 Adjustable foot straps
  • Provide leg relief and control for both riders
  • Storage & Carry Backpack
  • Armed with 2 shoulder straps, the Tarpon Backpack is a great way to keep your iSUP compact when transporting and in storage.
  • Adjustable Fiberglass Shafted Paddle
  • Collapsible, easily storable paddle. Adjustment range 235-260cm
  • Hand pump included
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